HomeADDU-SAS Graduate Research Journalvol. 8 no. 1 (2011)

Development of Multidimensional Self-Concept Scale (mSCS) for Filipino College Students

Eric D. Batican

Discipline: Psychology



This study intended to develop a multidimensional self-concept scale (mSCS) for Filipino college students. The proposed model consisted of two factors with fifteen dimensions: 1. Independent Self Construal (Physical Attributes, Scholastic Competence, Athletic Competence, Artistic Expression, Autonomy and Independence, Global Self Worth, Financial Capacity, Goal Setting, and Gender and Sex) and 2. Dependent Self Construal (Family Relationship, Morality and Religiosity, Social Competence, Romantic Relationship, Close Friendship, and Affiliation). The scale was developed to test this model, beginning with standard procedures to establish its reliability and validity with 479 adolescents representing the Ateneo de Davao University undergraduate students. Exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses were employed to test the factor structure of the instrument, resulting to a three-factor/13-dimension/132-item instrument. Through logistic and simple regression, the following were found to be significant predictors of selected dimension of self-concept: age, year level, and sex