HomeIAMURE International Journal of Mathematics, Engineering and Technologyvol. 2 no. 1 (2012)

RCStruC: A Structural Software for Design of Doubly Reinforced Rectangular Concrete Beam

Mary Ann P. Mar | Karlo Cirilo B. Quiobe | Mildred C. Pon | Francis Jann A. Alagon

Discipline: Computer Engineering



The main purpose of this experimental study is to design a structural software for the analysis of doubly reinforced rectangular concrete beams. The structural software is called RCStruC (Reinforced Concrete Structural Calculator). This study determines the performance of the structural software in terms of accuracy of the results, speed in generating results, and convenience of use. Further, this study determines whether there is a significant difference in the performance of RCStruC and the manual process of performing structural analysis. The respondents of the study were ten structural designers and practitioners in the city. Ten test runs were conducted per respondent. The findings manifested that RCStruC was perceived as very satisfactory in terms of accuracy, speed in generating results, and convenience of use. Furthermore, RCStruC was consistently perceived as very satisfactory while the manual process was generally perceived as fair. The researchers concluded that RCStruC significantly produces quicker, easier and error-free structural analysis results compare to the manual process. It is recommended that structural designers and practitioners should be encouraged to use the software package, RCStruC, to minimize errors and obtain easy and quick analysis output.