HomeIAMURE International Journal of Mathematics, Engineering and Technologyvol. 3 no. 1 (2012)

[TECHNOLOGY]Wash Decanter: A Solution to Environmental Problem for Fish Processing Plant

Roberto M. Sala

Discipline: Technology



The study is about designing, fabrication, installation and commissioning of Decanter used in improving the operation of wastewater treatment plant of the industries such as canning, reduction plant, and other plants. The wastewater, solid waste, excessive odor and sludge generation of the plant cause adverse impact to the environment and additional overhead expenses of the company. The fish blood cause high Biochemical Oxygen Demand that affects the water quality discharge into the body of water which may endanger the aquatic life. Solid waste and sludge collected from the drying bed causes excessive foul odor. The main component of the facility are circular drum, screw conveyor, gear motor, and feed pump motor. The drum is used as cooker and served as the odor control. Wastewater is pumped into the drum and mechanically separated the fish oil, solid and liquid waste. The solid waste material is brought to reduction plant, the nutrients of the solid waste is intact and the cost value of by product increases. The excessive odor is eliminated due to heat applied and in the same way the wastewater is clarified. Generally, it addresses the environmental impacts, reduces costs of laboratory and chemical consumption in the treatment plant. omic advantages like eliminates an expensive petrol engine that basically drives the alternator, electrical consumptions is obviously lesser than gasoline. High-cost components are protected by a safety device for possible damages due to faulty connection.