HomeIAMURE International Journal of Mathematics, Engineering and Technologyvol. 4 no. 1 (2012)

Development of Magallanes Tilapia (Tilapia Mossambica) Tocino Project: Its Processing, Verification, Commercialization and Utilization

VIVIEN L. CHUA | Francisco R. Carillo Jr.

Discipline: Biotechnology



The persistent demand for the tilapia supply in the market prompted this developmental study of introducing the Magallanes Tilapia Tocino product which offered many advantages to the resource poor farmers who could raise the technology for his family as well as to the entrepreneur who could produce it for profit. The said project was divided into four parts namely: Technology Generation, Technology Verification, Technology Adaptation and Technology Dissemination. Results showed that the development of the Magallanes Tilapia Tocino had generated an innovative technology by processing the locally grown freshwater Tilapias in the pond and developed ingredients. A feasibility study through a business plan has proven the viability of the product, accepted by health- conscious individuals for family consumption and for commercialization purposes. It was found to be a good source of protein, vitamin C and iron with an extremely liked the taste and odor. Shelf-life was recorded to last for seven months once sealed and frozen in a polyethylene bag. A unique promotion and marketing strategy would help further strengthen the marketability and commercialization as well as utilization of the developed technology. The product was ecologically friendly since no waste was left behind. The viscera served as animal food while the fins and scales were utilized as organic components.