HomeIAMURE International Journal of Mathematics, Engineering and Technologyvol. 11 no. 1 (2015)

Development of A Multi-System Automotive Engine Electrical Trainer

Nicanor B. Balbin

Discipline: Engineering, Technology



Starting system, ignition system, and charging system are the fundamental electrical systems responsible for engine operation. The automotive technology students found difficulties in installing or connecting the actual wiring circuits; often resulted in damages in engine electrical system components. Hence, this multi-system automotive engine electrical trainer was developed through the R & D Process to enhance the knowledge and skills of automotive technology students through simulation of troubleshooting, connecting or installing the auto engine electrical wiring circuit. The data gathered were treated statistically using weighted mean and t-test. The study revealed that the trainer utilized the generated electricity by the charging system driven by a 220VAC motor instead of a petrol engine to provide the economic advantage and avoid air pollutants. It is technically advantageous as an instructional device in developing concepts on how engine electricity works and how the circuits are connected. It likewise facilitates the teaching-learning process of troubleshooting such as open and short circuits, charging/ starting/ ignition system connection and defective components. It was highly effective in improving the performance of the students.