HomeIAMURE International Journal of Mathematics, Engineering and Technologyvol. 11 no. 1 (2015)

Development of a Prototype Training Device in Electrical Installation and Maintenance: Equipping Electrical Technology Students for Philippine National Competency Assessment

Raul R. Bernaldez

Discipline: Engineering, Technology



Electrical installation and maintenance are a fast growing service demand in the electrical industry. Educators are obliged to make sure the transfer of technology to college students is practically realized to meet the skill requirement of the industry. The dilemma of providing sufficient training device that is similar to the actual industry setting is very scarce. Educators are challenged to improvise training device for individual hands-on experience in electrical installation and maintenance. This study aimed to develop a prototype training device in electrical installation and maintenance for Bachelor in Industrial Technology students specializing in Electrical Technology in the College of Industrial Technology of Bulacan State University. The study used project development method. The training device was designed and constructed using cheaper second-hand materials but of good quality. The respondents were chosen using the convenience sampling method. The training device was evaluated in terms of the following variables: (a) ergonomic design; (b) usability; (c) efficiency; and (d) portability. It was rated to be highly acceptable. The recommendation includes improvement on a case-type design for safe keeping; use of industrial set up wiring and, extra terminal blocks provision when in use.

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