HomeIAMURE International Journal of Ecology and Conservationvol. 3 no. 1 (2012)

Delivery of Environmental Services of Sorsogon City LGU: Basis for an Extension Program

Magdalena M. Ocbian | Anthony M. Bravo



 Environmental services are integral to basic social services. This is a descriptive developmental research aimed to determine the efficiency and effectiveness of LGU Sorsogon City in the delivery of environmental services as a basis in designing a collaborative extension program. The respondents were 206 local officials and 394 residents/constituents of selected communities of Sorsogon City. A validated researcher-made questionnaire was the instrument used in data gathering. Frequency count, percentage and weighted means were used to analyze the data. Results revealed that solid waste collection was the top environmental program being delivered by LGU Sorsogon City as perceived by the two groups of respondents, followed by solid waste generation, tree planting and water shed reserve maintenance. Other environment services which received high frequencies were solid waste transfer and transport, sea and river guard, water pollution control and forest guard and illegal logging control. The delivery of services and facilities was rated as moderately efficient and effective by both the constituents and local officials of Sorsogon City. From this result, a collaborative extension program was designed to mitigate climate change in Sorsogon City.