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The Role of Barangay Health Workers in Nutrition Service Delivery Within the Primary Health Care Framework: An Executive Summary

Bernadette E. Estocapio-bordador

Discipline: Social Science, Health



Under the Primary Health Care (PHC) framework, the Barangay Health Worker (BHW) plays a vital role. He/she serves as the first point of contact between the health care system and the rest of the community.


The study was conducted in the fourth class municipality of Navotas in Northern Metro Manila along the Manila Bay coastline. It was divided into two parts. The first part was a document review of current Department of Health (DOH) nutrition policies with particular emphasis on the BHW training, tasking, supervision, and actual role in the implementation of the nutrition program. The second part was a survey of 11 BHWs covering aspects mentioned in the foregoing, and of beneficiaries ' perceptions of the Navotas Nutrition Program and the BHWs' roles in it.