HomeIAMURE International Journal of Educationvol. 4 no. 1 (2012)

Research Capability of the Selected Public and Private Higher Education Institutions in Cebu City, Philippines

Bryant C. Acar



There is a great demand to improve the research landscape among Higher Education Institutions in Cebu City. The objective of the research survey is to provide an inventory of research capability among the HEIs. Thereon, the data can be used to assist each HEI in the formulation of strategy to strengthen its research function. The study used the descriptive survey type of research that ascertains the research capability of the selected public and private higher education institutions in Cebu City. A self-made research operation profile survey questionnaire and interview guide sheet was utilized. The findings revealed that a very important institutional support in cultivating and nurturing the research climate are research incentives. Same importance in boosting the researchers would be the provision of facilities and equipment in support of research function. Primary facilities provide better research sources and output, while incentives provide good attraction to undergo research. HEIs research activities obtained their funding from their institutional budgets; however, they generate other funding sources and linkages to external agencies to support research initiatives. Aggregate of faculty and student researchers were considered to be important resources in research undertaking. An often neglected, but equally important aspect of research is the dissemination and utilization of research results. Research team development, evaluation of research and dissemination of research were the most common management needs of Cebu research directors. The public and private HEIs were generally capable in their research functions and undertakings. However, there are critical points that need attention and improvements.