HomeIAMURE International Journal of Educationvol. 5 no. 1 (2013)

On-the-Job Training: Demand of Engineering Education Enrichment

Aniceto R. Rialubin | Rey M. Basilio | Florida U. Ursulom

Discipline: Education



On-the-job training provides the venue for developing special manipulative skills for engineering students. If it is integrated in the Engineering curriculum, the gap between theory and practice could be minimized or discarded. The competencies required for OJT are computer skills, technical skills, managerial skills, communication skills, and other skills like getting true design assignments; the preferred number of hours for engineering OJT is 240 hours and should be offered during the summer , and the preferred sequence of activities for engineering OJT are 1) one-day orientation on all the skills/competencies needed for engineering OJT; 2) deep orientation on communication and other skills for four days; 3) computer skills in one week; 4) technical skills in 1 week; 5) managerial skills in one week; and 6) integration of all the competencies in 2 weeks. All the above-mentioned competencies should be strictly observed and implemented. In effect, the students could be developed and become competitive and productive. Indeed, engineers are the key players in national development and global economy.