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Readiness of the Teacher Education Institutes in Implementing the New Teacher Education Curriculum (NTEC) in Math Education

Richard Pulmones | Auxencia A. Limjap | Rosemarievic Villena | Celia Cruz | Milagrina Gomez | Lilia Lagrimas | Jimmy Romero | Arlyn Tumala | Archieval Rodriguez

Discipline: Education



The study explored the readiness of participating Teacher Education Institutes in fully implementing the New Teacher Education Curriculum (NTEC) in Math Education as promulgated in CMO 30 (series 2004). Its goal is to rationalize the undergraduate teacher education in the country in order to keep pace with the demands of global competitiveness. The revisions in policies and standards articulated in CMO 30 made the Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEEd) and Bachelor of Secondary Education (BSEd) programs closer to the prescribed curriculum of the 1985 United Nation’s model. Furthermore, the study linked teacher’s pedagogical content knowledge and beliefs with their readiness to fully implement the NTEC in Math Education. The potential problems, concerns and impediments encountered by Math teacher educators in implementing the NTEC in Math Education as well as the courses of action recommended to address the problems, concerns, and impediments in the implementation of the NTEC were also looked into. The Implementation Readiness Questionnaire (IRQ), documentary analysis and Teachers’ Beliefs and Practices Questionnaire (TBPQ) were employed to gather the data for the study. Mathematics teachers and department heads from eight schools in the National Capital Region (NCR) participated in the study. Findings revealed that the participating Teacher Education Institutes are not ready to implement the NTEC in Mathematics Education.