HomeIAMURE International Journal of Educationvol. 7 no. 1 (2013)

Technology-Based Instructions: Continuous Inapplicability of Assessment Models in American Corporate Universities

Jose Gerardo Martínez | Mariel Nieves Hernández

Discipline: Education, Engineering, Technology



American corporate universities transformed the teaching methodology from a traditional to technology-based instructions, but have failed the application of reliable assessment models. Current trends recognize commitment to education as an essential tool to reach sustained competitive advantages. Assessment information is necessary and valuable to improve the efficiency and productivity of companies, develop competitiveness, and ensure survival in the globalization era. The study examined training assessment models, knowledge level, and the effectiveness of various assessment models practiced by corporate universities found in U.S.A. territories. A descriptive study was conducted through a validated questionnaire by a panel of experts and a pilot study. Available sampling was used consisting of corporate universities, members of an internationally recognized trade and manufacturing organization. Data were collected; analyzed using cumulative frequency-percentage analysis and tabulated using SPSS, version 20.0. Findings showed that 99.7% of the participants recognized the effectiveness of the models and techniques for training assessment, but 82% did not apply any model to assess training results and 99.2% did not have full knowledge of the assessment process. Only 11.3% used indirect techniques for assessment. The researchers concluded that corporate universities in U.S.A. territories sparingly apply any assessment model to evaluate trainings results despite technology-based instructions.