HomeThe Magusvol. 2 no. 1 (2010)

Organizational Commitment and Job Satisfaction of College Professors of Arellano University- Pasay Campus

Alipio M. Garcia | Marichelle Ann Famy-Carreon | Meriam P. Rodriguez

Discipline: Education, Social Science



The main objective of the study was attained when it found a moderate positive correlation between organizational commitment and job satisfaction. Majority of the professors have high-level organizational commitment as well as high-level job satisfaction. However, a number are found to have low-level organizational commitment and low-level job satisfaction. A significant difference was determined between the organizational commitment and job satisfaction of the professors as per their college served, salary category, and reaction to other benefits received. The compounding variables as age, gender, educational attainment, civil status, livelihood status, employment status, and length of service to Arellano University are not determinants of the organizational commitment and job satisfaction of the professors.