HomeLEAPS: Miriam College Faculty Research Journalvol. 21 no. 1 (2002)

Student Behavioral Indices

Ma. Celia Villareal-aguila

Discipline: Morality



The SBI questionnaire was constructed to measure how closely the students approximated the ideal Miriam student, according to four factors set by the College mission-vision. These factors were: the student as a Christian, as a Learner, as a Member of a Community, and as a Leader.

Studies were done for three consecutive years: SY ‘92-’93, SY ‘93-’94, SY ‘94-’95. Both cross-sectional and longitudinal designs were used.

Results were consistent in the following aspects:

1. The seniors had the highest mean scores in most of the factors. 2. The male students always perceived themselves highly as Leaders, while the female students always perceived themselves highly as Christians. 3. The more populated departments tended to have higher mean scores than the less populated departments, except for the Social Work Dept. 4. The students perceived themselves highly as being Christians, and least as being Learners. 5. No significant changes were seen in the four factors as the seniors went up the academic ladder.

It was proposed that tapping variables other than year level, gender, and department/ major using the SBI would generate additional interesting data.