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Towards the Development of a Conceptual Framework for Internationalizing Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in the Philippines

Editha A. Lupdag-Padama | Ferdinand C. Lacuata | Erlinda Acierto | Rosyl Arlene P. Alfuente | Marilyn U. Balagtas | Angelina Irapta | Edward L. Padama | Archieval Rodriguez | Elsa Ruiz

Discipline: Education



This study developed a conceptual framework for internationalizing Higher Education Institutions in the Philippines based on the conceptions and practices of internationalization from four groups of stake holders (258 students, 82 faculty, 40 non-teaching staff and 45 administrators selected from 14 HEIs in the NCR. Data were obtained using a survey questionnaire and a two-pronged instrument. The quantitative data were interpreted using frequency, percentage and weighted mean while the qualitative data were classified, coded and after which, patterns and themes were identified. Findings revealed that at the conceptual level, the stakeholders share common conceptions of internationalization in higher education institutions with some minor disagreements from the students. At the practical level, HEIs have been found to have varied processes of realizing their conceptions of internationalization. Based on these revelations, a conceptual framework for internationalizing HEIs was developed and recommended for adoption by HEIs.