HomeLEAPS: Miriam College Faculty Research Journalvol. 24 no. 1 (2004)

Music and Movement Workshop: MC Junior Scholars

Lucia Jemima O. Munez

Discipline: Education, Music



The Music and Movement three-day workshop was offered to the financial-aid grantees of Miriam College, school year 2000 – 2001 to introduce the basic principle of music/movement or dance therapy focusing on Carl Jung’s paradigm of active imagination and collective manifestation of movement. It aims that movers will have a certain level of trust among themselves to gain insights and better outlook despite life’s challenges/difficulties by providing themselves with new skills/behavior for an improved self-esteem, self-concept and self-confidence. The accounts of the movers’ meaningful experiences reveal that the workshop was initially a venue for them to be mindful of their body image and giving form to their unconscious and unexpressed feelings. Eventually, the experience becomes a tool for them to utilize their potentials to the fullest, to learn how to support each other, and to be more optimistic in fulfilling their dreams, that is, to finish their education and give their family a comfortable life. Thus, leading to their personal growth and change for an improved self-esteem, self-concept, and self-confidence.