HomePhilippine Journal of Psychologyvol. 46 no. 1 (2013)

Influences and Perceived Impact of Spirituality on Filipino Adolescents

Anna Carmella Ocampo | Roseann Mansukhani | Bernadette Mangrobang | Alexandra Mae Juan

Discipline: Psychology, Faith



This study describes the spiritual beliefs and practices of Filipino adolescents, the influences of parents, peers, and school on their spirituality and the perceived impact of their spirituality on the self and their relationships. A total of 36 participants from various religious affiliations took part in four focus group discussions. Results from qualitative analysis revealed that they believe in the existence of God, have a personal relationship with God, trust in God’s plans, and have the notion of non-distinction between spirituality and religiosity. Their spiritual practices include attendance in worship services and observance of religious rituals, seeking God’s guidance through prayer and devotion, and helping others. Influences from their parents, peers, and the school supplement and augment each other, and provide support for adolescent spirituality, which, in turn, enhances the self and relationships of the adolescents through positive intrapersonal and interpersonal changes. The implications of these findings are discussed using the positive youth development approach.