HomePhilippine Journal of Psychologyvol. 46 no. 2 (2013)

Exploring Social Cognitive Dimensions of Sexual Prejudice in Filipinos

Allan B. I. Bernardo

Discipline: Psychology



Previous surveys indicate widespread negative attitudes towards lesbians and gay men among Filipinos. Such negative attitudes can be studied as expressions of sexual prejudice (Herek, 2000) and can be understood within the broader context of social psychology research and theory on prejudice. Social psychologists have studied prejudice using a variety of approaches, and the current study explored different motivations associated with particular intergroup beliefs. Two correlational studies explore various predictors of attitudes towards gay men and lesbians: social dominance orientation (SDO), Protestant work ethic (PWE), egalitarian values, and polyculturalism. The results indicate that attitudes were correlated with both egalitarianism (study 1 & 2) and polyculturalism (study 2), but not with SDO (study 1 & 2) or PWE (study 2). The results are discussed in terms of the role of values related to intergroup beliefs may help regulate the expression of sexual prejudice in Filipinos.