HomeAni: Letran Calamba Research Reportvol. 1 no. 1 (2011)

A Microwave Link Between San Pablo, Laguna And Alaminos, Laguna For The Expansion Of Digital Telecommunication Philippines, Inc. (DIGITEL)

Arieson C. Bautista | Sarina D. Dasig | Mark Anthony P. Dedoro

Discipline: Engineering, Technology



This study aimed to provide a design of a microwave communication system for the expansion of the host company, DIGITEL, connecting DIGITEL San Pablo and Alaminos, Laguna. The study designed a microwave communication system that could withstand all possible losses and obstructions during the process of transmission.


To achieve the objective of a 99.999% reliability of the system, descriptive method was used to determine the factors involved that could affect the design. It included the description of the path profile, link budget, and azimuth which was observed in the topographical map and online mapping. The selection of radio equipment was based not only on the system requirements but also on the recommendation of the company.


Using Vigant’s Barnett, it was proven that the link design is feasible in gaining reliabilities of 99.99918689% and 99.99966919% including rain outage, for low and high band frequency respectively. Thermal fade margins and rain attenuation were the essential factors needed in obtaining this reliability. The calculated thermal fade margin which includes rain attenuation was 25.1127 dBm and 30.7118 dBm, low and high band frequency respectively. The calculated rain attenuations were 18.2348 dB and 14.9351 dB, for low and high frequency respectively. Furthermore, it was found out that using Ericson Mini Link TM radio equipment best fits the requirements needed by the client company, as it satisfies both reliability and economic analysis.


It was recommended that studies regarding expansion of DIGITEL in Alaminos, Laguna should consider high standard equipment, different parameters, and other adjustments depending on the gathered data to come up with a reliable microwave link. Further analysis in designing a microwave system, rain attenuation should be considered depending on the climatology of a certain location which could affect the reliability of a design. Lastly, higher thermal fade margin should be acquired. For short haul microwave communication link, it is advisable to use Ericson Mini Link TN as it provides reliable working conditions and lesser investment cost.