HomePhilippine Journal of Psychologyvol. 46 no. 2 (2013)

Comparing Relationship Satisfaction and Conflict Resolution Tactics of Filipino Gay, Lesbian, and Heterosexual Individuals in Romantic Relationships

Neil Steve M. Kintanar

Discipline: Psychology




Two hundred and ninety individuals participated in a comparative study on relationship satisfaction and conflict resolution tactics. There were 95 heterosexual women, 85 heterosexual men, 65 gay men, and 45 lesbian women who answered the Relationship Assessment Scale (RAS) and the Conflict Resolution Styles Inventory – Self (CRSI-S). Results showed that like heterosexual men and women, Filipino gay men and lesbian women in the sample are satisfied with their relationship with scores at least equal to that reported by heterosexual men and women who are in romantic relationships. In terms of conflict resolution tactics, gay men use positive problem solving tactics more frequently than heterosexual women and less of the deconstructive resolution tactic (i.e., conflict engagement and withdrawal) than heterosexual women.