HomePhilippine Journal of Psychologyvol. 47 no. 1 (2014)

Revisiting the General Help Seeking Questionnaire: Adaptation, Exploratory Factor Analysis, and Further Validation in a Filipino College Student Sample

Antover P. Tuliao | Pocholo Andrew Velasquez

Discipline: Psychology



This study aims to validate the General Help Seeking Questionnaire (GHSQ; Wilson, Deane, Ciarrochi, & Rickwood, 2005) among Filipinos. Exploratory factor analyses suggest a two-factor structure (Family and Non-Family) for past behavior, and three-factor structure (Family, Professionals, and Other Sources) for intent to seek psychological help. Intent and past help-seeking behavior were associated with stigma, attitudes towards help-seeking, social support, and problem severity. Implications regarding the use of GHSQ in studying Filipino help-seeking behavior are discussed.