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Proposed Point-To-Point Microwave Link To Transport Audio And Video Of National Broadcasting Network Local Studio Located At Ac Cortes, Mandaue City To Mt. Busay, Cebu City

Marigie B. Bicongco | Netene D. Santiago | Maricris S. Saludo

Discipline: Engineering, Technology



The designed project proposed to give the National Broadcasting Network (NBN-4) a reliable fixed microwave link design from its local station at AC Cortes Avenue, Mandaue City to transport audio to Mt. Busay, also located in Cebu City. The design was planned to strengthen the signal in Cebu City. The broadcast transmitter of NBN Cortes Avenue, Mandaue City would be transferred to Mt. Busay for a much better broadcast.


The study aimed to meet the requirements of the company by considering the standards and principles given by the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) in designing an efficient microwave link design. A series of data gathering, mathematical computations, allocations of equipment, and system simulation were conducted to achieve the highest reliability and cost effectiveness of the design.


The reliability objective of 99.9999% was achieved after performing several trials of computations. The computed Rate of Return is 30.75% with a payback period of 3.25 years which makes the study feasible.