HomeAni: Letran Calamba Research Reportvol. 1 no. 1 (2011)

A Point To Point Microwave Communication Link Connecting San Pedro, Laguna And Sta. Cruz, Laguna For The Expansion Of Digital Telecommunications Philippines Incorporated (DIGITEL) Company

Melchizedek I. Alipio | Jeffrex P. Oracion | Jairus C. Manuel

Discipline: Engineering, Technology



This study was conducted to provide a point to point microwave communication link between San Pedro, Laguna and Sta. Cruz, Laguna for the expansion of Digital Telecommunications Philippines Incorporated (DIGITEL) Company. The study designed a two-hop full-duplex PDH analog microwave communication link for the given sites.


This study was done systematically and in comparative for both hops based on a process of designing a microwave link which includes path profiling, transmission calculations, and system reliability calculations.

It was determined that the design’s main components were consisted of Harris TRuepoint 5200 Digital Microwave Radio and Commscope Andrew Antenna and waveguides. This equipment satisfied the required system reliability of 99.999% with diversity of the system as it performed superbly for the two-hop design link.


Economical aspect which includes project costs and engineering economy assumptions were also considered in this study. The computed project cost for the two-hop link diversity was found to be Php 11,624,701.90 and with an annual projected income of Php 10,886,400.00. The economic viability of the project was proven by attaining and studying the relation between the project’s fixed investment and the annual company savings. The project was found to have an actual payback period of 357 days with a Rate of Return of 102.34%.


Finally, the study recommended future researchers to conduct further studies with longer span of time so that a much better and detailed design could be developed especially the frequency diversity system. In addition, the proposed design project should be pursued by DIGITEL for its future expansions since it accomplished all the significant objectives in technical and economical aspect of the design.