HomePhilippine Journal of Psychologyvol. 44 no. 2 (2011)

Dimensions of Loob: Can Politicians be Used as Exemplars?

Marshaley J. Baquiano | Gilda Dans-lopez

Discipline: Psychology, Political Science



This study explored the concept of loob and investigated how Filipinos intuitively perceived the loob of some of the country's leading political figures. The purpose was to determine the dimensions of loob and to find politicians that would best exemplify each of these dimensions. Forty-nine freshman college students rated seven politicians on 15 loob adjectives. Principal component analysis revealed four categories of loob: Kaaya-ayang loob, Hindi Mapagtotoong loob, Malakas ang loob, and Malambot ang loob. Correspondence analysis showed Escudero and Roxas as exemplars of Kaaya-aya ang loob, Estrada as Hindi Mapagtotoo ang loob, Lacson as Malakas ang loob, and Villar and Estrada as Malambot ang loob. Why certain political figures exemplified particular loob dimensions were discussed in relation to current events surrounding the politicians around the time of the study.

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