HomePhilippine Journal of Psychologyvol. 44 no. 2 (2011)

Proposed PAP Scientific and Professional Ethics Committee (PAP-SPEC) Rules and Procedures for Investigations of Unethical Conduct

Discipline: Psychology



1. Type of Investigations of Unethical Conduct. There are two types of investigations of unethical conduct: (a) Show cause proceedings : an investigation that is initiated on the basis of an adverse decision or action relating to a member of the PAP; and (b) Reviews of alleged unethical conduct : an investigation initiated by a complainant that charges a PAP member with violation of the Code of Ethics.

1.1. Show Cause Proceedings. The show cause procedure can be used when another body - including criminal or civil courts, licensing boards, professional organizations, among others - has already rendered an adverse decision regarding the ethical conduct of a PAP member. For example, if a PAP member has been convicted of a criminal offense; has been expelled or suspended by another professional association; or has been decertified, unlicensed, or deregistered or had a certificate, license, or registration revoked or suspended by a professional licensing board, the PAP-SPEC may initiate a show cause case. The procedures to be followed in show cause proceedings are specified in Section 5 below.

1.2. Reviews of Alleged Unethical Conduct. The PAP-SPEC may initiate reviews of unethical conduct of a PAP member in response to a complaint brought by members and nonmembers of the PAP. Complaints must be submitted within specified time periods, with clear documentation of the alleged unethical conduct and reference to the provisions of the PAP Code of Ethics for Philippine Psychologists. The procedures to be followed inreviews of alleged unethical conduct are specified in Section 6 below.