HomeAni: Letran Calamba Research Reportvol. 1 no. 1 (2011)

A Point-To-Point Microwave Communications Link Connecting Calamba City, Laguna To Imoc Hill, San Pablo City, Laguna For The Benefit Of Bayan Telecommunications Incorporated

Ronaldo M. Lacopia | Marvin E. Portes | Jerome L. Tumpang

Discipline: Engineering, Technology



This study designed a microwave link between Calamba and Imoc Hill for Bayan Telecommunications Inc. (BAYANTEL). The client-company is a telecommunications company that provides services such as Local Exchange carrier (LEC), International Gateway Facility (IGF), leased line, domestic and international, public trunk radio, and public calling office. The company wanted to establish their own connection between Calamba and their remote site at Imoc Hill to provide services from both business and residential sectors across San Pablo City. The design was expected to run for at least five years after the actual operation. The client-company also instructed to include in the design a newly built tower at Imoc Hill to render the ease of troubleshooting of their systems.


Both descriptive and analytic methods of research were utilized in this study. It also performed calculations on profile and transmission parameters. The conditions of the path such as earth’s curvature, terrain elevation, obstructions, and clearances illustrated the actual transmission propagation that would occur between the two sites. Moreover, the comparison between the client-company’s recommended sets, the Harris TRuepoint 5200C radio set and the Codan 8800 DMR, based on the system’s gains, losses, and reliabilities aided the study to choose for efficient utilities.


Two sets of equipment are expected to have a system reliability of 99.9999%. However, in the Vigants- Barnette reliability with rain attenuation, Codan 8800DMR produced a reliability of 99.99917% which failed to comply.


Using collectively the advice of technical experts, the online sources, the Andrews Powertools, and the engineering economy computations such as present worth method, payback period, and internal rate of return, the overall design project cost was computed to be Php 5,326,053.35. The said amount is expected to be paid back after a period of 10 months and 22 days which is feasible enough to achieve the required target of about five years.


Finally, the study recommended that TRuepoint 5200C Harris radio set should be used in the designed project for the reason that it produces much better reliability. It was also recommended that BAYANTEL should adopt the proposed project since it complies with the system requirements and entails a desirable payback period.