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A Microwave Link For Manila Electric Company Connecting Damariñas Business Center (Gen. Aguinaldo Hi-Way, Dasmariñas City) And Tagaytay Auxiliary Businesss Center (Gen, Aguinaldo Hi-Way, Tagaytay City)

Guiller Jed I. Becina | Dana Michelle B. Argañosa | Pamela P. Caunin

Discipline: Engineering, Technology



The study proposed to link Dasmariñas Business Center and Tagaytay Auxiliary Business Center to solve the problem of leasing lines which provides slow data transmission rate, and, thus, slows down the process of the transactions. The link would expand the network of MERALCO to the Auxiliary Business Centers. These would provide larger capacity for data transmission and more services to the Auxiliary Business Centers.


The study used descriptive type of research to explain theories and principles concerning microwave communications. The study also determined the main components of the design that satisfied the link requirements as well as the system reliability of 99.999% specified by the school and the company. The economics computations of the link were also determined by using two assumptions: first, that its profit solely came from the benefits of not leasing a line; and second, the additional profit will come from clients who will lease the excess seven channel capacity of the link.

The total project cost of the design was calculated to be Php 4,806,067.44 for Option 1 and Php 5,500,823.344 for Option 2. The total net annual income of the project was also computed. Option 1 has an annual net income of Php 3,542,253.549 while Option 2 has Php 3,182,795.331.


Having computed for the necessary data for economic study, the study selected the best alternative using the rate of return method, the present worth method, and the payback period method. Option 1 failed to attain certain values to be economically feasible. On the other hand, Option 2 has a rate of return of 57.86034439%, a net present worth of Php 12,844,672.17 and a payback period of one year eight months and twenty-three days.