HomePhilippine Journal of Psychologyvol. 40 no. 2 (2007)

Dynamics of Abuse: Case Studies of Five Filipino Battered Women

Alicia F. Estrellado | Rose Marie Salazar-clemena

Discipline: Law, Women’s Studies



This study was conducted to explore and analyze the dynamics of the abuse women experience at the hands of their partners. Towards this end, case studies of five battered women were done, using in-depth interviews and psychological tests. The results indicated that: (a) battered women experience various forms of abuse; (b) battered women's explanations for their abuse are complex and multifaceted; (c) abuse has effects on the women's perception of self, view of the world, sense of well -being and interpersonal relationships; (d) battered women utilize passive as well as active, cognitive, and behavioral coping strategies; and (e) the battered women's decision to stay with or leave their partners is influenced by several factors.