HomePhilippine Journal of Psychologyvol. 40 no. 2 (2007)

Coming out of the Shadows: Husbands Speak about their Experience of Abuse in Intimate Relationships

Jerry J. Jurisprudencia

Discipline: Psychology



Using a phenomenological-clinical approach, the study is a pioneering work that explored the experiences of abuse in intimate relationships of six Filipino husbands. The participants were between 27 and 57 years, Catholic, professionals, and separated. The researcher constructed an interview schedule and administered the EPPS, TAT, and SSCT. A genogram was used to provide a visual representation of the abused husbands' nuclear family and family of origin. The findings indicated that the participant s' nonresistance, silence, and ambivalent reaction to the initial attack encouraged more aggressions from their spouses. A conceptual framework for the purpose of capturing the husbands' experiences of abuse was discussed.