HomeAni: Letran Calamba Research Reportvol. 1 no. 1 (2011)

Improvement Of Grain Cleaner System For Corn Silo Of Sorosoro Ibaba Development Cooperative (SIDC) In Sorosoro Karsada, Batangas City

Ace S. Autus | Jonah Clarice S. Francisco | Jeffrie V. Macasadia

Discipline: Engineering, Technology



This study focused on the improvement of the grain cleaner system of SIDC in terms of its efficiency and effectiveness. The elimination of the presence of foreign objects such as straws, plastics, small stones, and metal objects in the grain cleaner was the main problem covered in this study.


After applying appropriate research methodologies, it was found out that the efficiency and effectiveness of the grain cleaner system can be improved by redesigning the whole system.


The study recommended alternative solution no. 3, the redesigning of the present set-up wherein the idea is to improve the cleaning process through the three-layered corn sifters. The fan efficiency was increased to improve the collection of dusts during the plant operation. Other equipment involved such as the cyclone, dust collector, airlock, and ducting were also improved. The principle in this presented solution is to increase the life span of the machine, lessen the maintenance needed, and make it steady and liable during operation but in a reasonable amount.


In conclusion, alternative solution no. 3 is relevant, efficient, and effective solution in improving the grain cleaner system for Corn Silo. This was proven through the technical and economical calculations made in the study.