HomeAni: Letran Calamba Research Reportvol. 1 no. 1 (2011)

Improvement Of Intermediate Frequency Modulation Automated Test Equipment (IFM ATE) Fixture Of Remec Broadband Wireless International In Cip I, Canlubang, Calamba City, Laguna

Winniebeth Joy O. Amoranto | Earl Mattrix A. Balaaldia | John Carlo E. Malabanan

Discipline: Engineering, Technology



The study aimed to improve the manual loading and unloading of IFM ATE fixture of REMEC Broadband Wireless International, Inc. It focused on the conceptual design of the appropriate automated IFM ATE fixture. The conceptual design would apply electronics, electrical circuits, pneumatics, and instrumentation control as bases.


The study found out that fixture improvement is necessary and appropriate design of automated system should be made and implemented to avoid unsafe operation of the fixture. Automating the fixture would lessen human interface which means manpower reduction. Materials and parts selection should be made carefully, considering factor of safety in the fabricated material.


The study recommended that the company consider the ideas presented here to improve the manual loading and unloading of IFM board. The company should provide trainings and orientation for the operators assigned in IFM ATE for the major and minor parts and process to avoid incorrect operation of the fixture.