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Improvement Of The Sailboard Handling System Of Melvest Marine Inc. In Taytay, Rizal

Richard Joshua F. Mance | Paul Lester M. Baldonado | Roland C. Motil

Discipline: Engineering, Technology



The study aimed to improve the sailboat handling system of Melvest Marine Inc. Because of a large amount of time and manpower in handling the sailboats, the company incurs inconsiderable expenses for its operation.


Fifty men and a rented telescopic crane were utilized by the company for its operation. To minimize the cost and improve the loading efficiency, the study concluded that the system can be enhanced by using the transportable jib crane inside the warehouse, the improved A-frame outside the warehouse, and an approximate of 30 men as the operators. The study recommended that the new system should be adopted to lessen the time and manpower in the loading operation. It would seem to have a great effect in the long run, thus, improving the sailboat handling system.