HomeThe Journal of Historyvol. 32-33 no. 1-2 (1988)

Financial Entrepreneurship & Monopoly Capitalism

Mary Grace A. Tirona

Discipline: Economics, Social Science, Philippine History



Given the present dismal state of Philippine affairs, even non-traditional players have been drawn into the business game. Home economists wax eloquent about inflationary trends while being taken to task for their panic-buying sprees contributive to market imbalances. Verbally violent journalists and passively resistant rallyists denounce establishment and neo-imperialist collusion while being accused of abetting destabilization and eroding investor confidence. And most recently, the scholarly disputants of the UP School of Economics paper on crisis have been joined by former Education and Culture Minister Jaime C. Laya who chided academe for failing to play economic vigilante and business teacher besides. Perforce, crisis studies proliferate and passing the buck has become the national pastime.