HomeAdvancing Literature and Communication Researchvol. 1 no. 1 (2012)

Material Development of the Five Selected Short Stories for Children of Dr. Luis P. Gatmaitan

Maria Elena C. Reyes | Francis Deacon A. Valdehueza



The study aimed to find out how Dr. Luis P. Gatmaitan, a Palanca Hall of Fame awardee, impact children through his five short stories, randomly selected selected by the researcher and evaluated using the descriptive content analysis. This study ascertained (1) the subject matter of the five selected short stories for children of Dr. Luis P. Gatmaitan; (2) the reflection of social and cultural experiences of children in the selected short stories for children; and (3) the stories’ impact on the appeal/interest/ curiosity/motivation of children. Based on the researcher’s evaluation, the five selected short stories of Dr. Luis P. Gatmaitan mirror the children’s own experiences and teach them how to deal with real-life situations, particularly on health related issues. Moreover, these stories have an appeal among children; arouse their interest and curiosity; and motivate them to read more since the way the stories were told capture the interest of the child. The imaginative way of conveying the messages through the narrative appeals to the children’s mind. With the above mentioned findings, it would be safe to assume that the five selected short stories of Dr. Luis P. Gatmaitan do impact the children on how they view life through the science of medicine. Indeed, the significance of literature for children can never be underestimated.