HomeAdvancing Literature and Communication Researchvol. 1 no. 1 (2012)

The Effectiveness of Tri-Media Advertising Campaign For Enrollment of Liceo de Cagayan University

Henry J. Abellanos | Felisa Sheila T. Escalona | Ma. Milliza A. Lavanza | Yves T. Maagad | Nikko P. Quiñonez | Chucille B. Quipanes | Hannah Grace D. Sy

Discipline: Tri-Media Advertisement



This study determined the effectiveness of the tri-media advertising campaign for enrollment of Liceo de Cagayan University. The study found out that majority of the respondents (91.3%) were exposed to television type of advertising campaign of LdeCU and 65% of the respondents were exposed to the radio. While in print medium, majority of the respondents (59.2%) were exposed to newspaper and only 20.4% were exposed to billboard/tarpaulin. Of the three media that the LdeCU used in her advertising campaign, the study revealed that the radio advertisement was a highly effective medium in terms of persuasive effect. This is because the context of the radio advertisement is within the level of understanding of the respondents for it uses the language they speak. Furthermore, there was only a significant relationship between the transformative effect of the advertising media campaign of LdeCU and the respondents’ exposure to radio advertisement. This implies that the radio is an effective medium in promoting the programs and services offered by LdeCU because the listeners can easily understand the messages from the radio for it uses the language that is within the level of their understanding.