HomeAdvancing Radiologic Technology Researchvol. 1 no. 1 (2013)

Level of Community Awareness on Selected Medical Imaging Modalities on the Availability of Health Care Services in Canitoan Village

James A. Almajar | C. Carbon | Brent Lloyd R. Cepeda | Eamme Fides U. Ebcas | Khristy Joy L. Flores

Discipline: Medicine



The study pertains to community awareness on selected medical imaging modalities. A study that answered questions of community on the benefits of diagnostic examinations in discovering illnesses, and delivery modes of health care services in the community. It sought answer the following objectives: 1) Identify respondents’ profile, their level of awareness on the availability of and access ability of selection imaging modalities; 2) determine referral system practiced in the village; 3) identify the relationship between respondents’ profile and their level of awareness; and relationship between referral systems used in the community. Study employed the descriptive method to describe the characteristics of respondents. The following conditions were derived from the study. Respondents’ monthly incomes were significant in measuring level of awareness of the medical imaging modalities, while the rest of the variables were not. Majority of the respondents were less knowledgeable with new imaging modalities in the city such as CT Scan, MRI and Nuclear Medicine. Respondents relied on information from the neighborhood, health center provider and microteaching of health care students. Referral system used by respondents contributed to their low level of awareness since they most likely acquire information from personnel in the health care center, who refer them to hospital that could render needed service.