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Emotional Intelligence, Attachment Style and Lived Experiences of Fathers with Children with Special Needs: A Descriptive Study

Cheyselle D. Cuaresma | Aimee Hazel F. Tan | Karen Katrina Trinidad

Discipline: Psychology



This descriptive study determined the emotional intelligence, attachment style, as well as the lived experiences of fathers of children with special needs. Specifically, the objectives of this research are the following: to ascertain the profile of fathers in relation to emotional intelligence and attachment style and to determine the experiences of father respondents in relation with their children with special needs. The researchers interviewed, administered psychological tests and questionnaires namely, the BarOn Emotional Quotient Inventory: Short and the Vulnerable Attachment Style Questionnaire to five Filipino fathers who have children with special needs. The participants have at least one child with special needs like cerebral palsy, autism and ADHD. Based on the result of the study, most of the participants have low emotional intelligence and their attachment style is more likely to be vulnerable. The thematic analysis yielded three themes common among the participants’ lived experiences with their children namely financial difficulties, emotional difficulties and strategic coping. Implications, limitations and recommendations of this study are discussed.