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Women in Local Legislation

Reginald R. Lampitoc | Louie Benedict R. Ignacio

Discipline: Social Science



Political participation is higher among men than women in most parts of the world. As time goes by, more technologies are being developed; women are accepted in the society especially in the politics where the potentials of women can be compared to male politicians. This article studies the perspectives of constituents on how a female politician can handle a given position better than male politicians. With the use of a complete triangulation of techniques via survey, interviews and secondary analysis of data; this study shows that women hold more radical opinions on issues regarding gender equality and being a political entity. These factors have positive impact on women’s participation, and as a result, women often confront a “glass cliff” in which their position in the office is precarious. Results indicated that women now are truly accepted in politics especially here in the Philippines; women are also very cooperative in political exercises in which it increases the support of women politicians here in the Philippines. Also, there was a strong preference for a female politician on the appointment when the seat was described as hard to win.