HomeIAMURE International Journal of Social Sciencesvol. 1 no. 1 (2012)

Intentionality in Parenting Styles of Parents and Student-Facilitators' Reflections: A Hermeneutical-Deconstruction Analysis

Vicky D. Isonza

Discipline: Social Science, Family and Relationships



In the context of a seminar-workshop on parenting styles, the intentionality of parent-participants and student-facilitators was explored over the goal of enhancing the welfare and functioning of children. Student-facilitators conducted learning activities and processed discussions on care and discipline issues. Using the mixed method, quantitative and qualitative analyses were drawn. A Likert scale measured democratic and authoritarian dimensions in parenting style. Through the lens of post modern paradigm, the hermeneutic-deconstruction analysis illuminated the phenomena on parents’ understanding of parenting styles and student-facilitators’ learning outcomes based on their reflections. In conclusion, the celebration of special occasions is the ‘signified’ indicant of parents’ nurturing in the family. Responsiveness and communication are ‘signifiers’ (not emphasized /hidden). Their ‘folk belief’ concepts are operatives of mental states that reflect an authoritarian parenting style; but group-acknowledgements in discussions can move them to favour the democratic style. Parents value a norm-based rationality on discipline of children. In the deconstruction process unexpected events are laid bare. This contributes an authentic learning opportunity for students to expand a social consciousness that rouses the move for social action. Implications of a postmodern analytical approach to learning intervention for parents, andthe pedagogic method of reflective analysis and social action are discussed.