HomeAsia Pacific Journal of Education, Arts and Sciencesvol. 1 no. 1 (2014)

Level of Implementation of the Community Extension Activity of LIMA

Vincent D. Chua | Kenneth P. Caringal | Bernard Ryan C. De Guzman | Edward Allan D. Baroja | Johnver B. Maguindayao | Beverly T. Caiga

Discipline: Social Science



The study aimed to assess the Level of Implementation of the COM-EX Activity of LIMA. The researchers used descriptive method of research. The data were gathered through questionnaires. The respondents of the study were 30 residents of Barangay Wawa, Batangas City. The results revealed that the respondents are aware on the different activities of the ComEx Activity of LIMA; and the ComEx activity of LIMA are well Implemented. The researchers recommend to the school to conduct seminar regarding in the environment issues to obtain knowledge and to increase the awareness of the beneficiaries of the ComEx of LIMA.