HomeKayamagvol. 2 no. 1 (2007)

Terminal Evaluation of “Adopt-A-School” Program of Capitol University

Alicia M. Diel | Noel C. Alegre

Discipline: Social Science, Ecology



On February of this year, the two-year "adopt-a-school" contract with St. John the Baptist Elementary School with Capitol University reached its termination. However, the Extension Office of Capitol University, which is a party to the contract, is determined to extend its cooperation depending on the progress of the program. But prior to the continuance of its program, the office wants to know whether it was able to attain its
particular objectives. Thus, it wants to determine the following:

1. Whether the Extension Program was able to equip and empower the faculty;

2. Whether it contributed to the quality of learning among the students; and

3. Whether it was able to link up with the school's PTA undertakings.