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Arguments by the Contributors of Research Journal Publication

Djuwari Djuwari

Discipline: Social Science



Arguments in academic writing are the most important things. The arguments asserted by the contributors of research journal publication are assumed to be more specific especially before the articles are edited and published. So far, arguments have been used to distinguish the value of the academic writing especially in the conclusion section. This study attempts to reveal how the arguments in academic writing written by the contributors of research journals are expressed. This research employs qualitative methods, in which the subjects are the documents: research articles (RAs) submitted by the contributors of research journal before they were edited and published. The data were collected from the articles submitted to the accredited research journal. There were 15 RAs selected purposively and then analyzed using the three types of modality showing: low commitment, medium commitment, and high commitment. A triangulator as another investigator was also employed for peer debriefing to get trustworthiness. From this analysis, the uniqueness and styles of expressing the arguments in the conclusion sections were explored and described. It was found that most of the contributors or authors use low level of commitments for arguing in their conclusion sections.

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