HomeAsia Pacific Journal of Multidisciplinary Researchvol. 2 no. 2 (2014)

Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty Among Internet Banking Users of Philippine National Bank in Batangas City

Edward Kervin B. Mojares

Discipline: Social Science



One of the most vital challenges of the Internet as a service delivery channel is providing and maintaining service quality. This study aimed to describe the profile of the respondents with regards to socio-demographic and bank-related variables; to identify the effects of internet banking among its clients in Batangas City; to determine the level of customer’s satisfaction in terms of speed and accuracy, accessibility and convenience, and security features; to determine the respondents level of loyalty; to test the relationship between effects of internet banking service and customer satisfaction and loyalty variables; and lastly, to propose effective measures on how to enhance the quality of internet banking service offered by PNB in Batangas City.

The descriptive-correlation method was utilized in the conduct of the study. The respondents of the study are the top 100 or 30% of the three hundred thirty four active users of internet banking service of Philippine National Bank in Batangas City during the period of October 2012 as generated by the bank’s system.

The study revealed that the respondents are generally satisfied with the speed and accuracy, accessibility and convenience, and security features of the internet banking service facility. It was also found out that only speed and accuracy showed significant relationship on the effect of internet banking. Internet banking users are still considering the speed and accuracy of the banks service to make them satisfied despite that internet banking provides lower cost delivery channel, gives customers to almost any type of banking transactions and gives breadth and depth customer service. However, customers’ level of loyalty is not affected by the effects of internet banking services. This proves that as long as the customers are being provided with an excellent service, customer loyalty/retention could still be possibly attained by the bank.