HomeAsia-Pacific Social Science Reviewvol. 6 no. 1 (2006)

Corporate Social Responsibility: Ethical Conundrums with Respect to Multinational Corporations in India

K.s. Chandrasekhar | M. Senthil | R. Magesh | R. Jubi

Discipline: Social Science



India's increasing population has attracted a host of multinationalcorporations (MNCs) to enter the country to tap its market. Becauseof their enthusiasm and the favorable market conditions, these MNCsget carried away, and sometimes regulations are flouted. The absenceof clear regulations leads to problems when government agencies findfault with MNCs' products. At this juncture, the question that comesto mind is, where is the integrity and commitment of these MNCs,which should be self-regulating even in the absence of appropriateregulations? Considering that many of them are above the nations, itis imperative that they follow self-regulations. This leads us to issuesof ethical dimensions that are clearly explained in this paper. Theneed for closer scrutiny and growth with the society is mandatory,and they can take cues from the Indian companies in the IT sector thatare involved in the CSR.