HomeHCDC Faculty Research Journalvol. 11 no. 1 (2009)

Development and Assessment of the Illustrated Self-help Activities of the 1996 Edition of the Portage Guide to Early Education

Maria Victoria Alderite | Robert M. Gomez

Discipline: Education, Early Childhood Education



The study is focused on the development and assessment of the illustrated self-help activities in the 1996 edition of the Portage Guide to Early Education (PGEE). It determined the extent of appropriateness, applicability, time efficiency and aesthetics of the illustrated self-help activities used as an instructional material not only by teachers but also by caregivers and parents. The study utilized eclectic research design using qualitative and quantitative methods, aided by a focused group discussion and a researcher-made survey questionnaire, respectively. Analysis of data was done through the computation of the weighted mean. The respondents of the study were SPED teachers, parents of children with special needs and caregivers. The study revealed that a large number of the respondents are teachers who have masterate degrees. Moreover, majority had attended seminars and in-service trainings to be competent in their area of specialization. The illustrated self-help activities are found to be appropriate, applicable, time efficient and aesthetic for use as teaching tools. The recommendations are centered on the advocacy for the SPED teachers, caregivers and parents of special children to implement the new instructional material as an aid in the intervention program.