HomeAsia-Pacific Social Science Reviewvol. 14 no. 1 (2014)

Analysis of Issues Development in Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation

Maddaremmeng Panennungi | Rahadjeng Pulungsari | Evi Fitriani | Lily Tjahjandari | Padang Wicaksono

Discipline: Social Science



 This study aims to analyze the determinant factors that affect issues development within APEC, map out those issues during the period 1993-2010, and show the relation of those issues with the APEC Summit Agenda 2013 in Indonesia. The analysis is based on secondary data, literature review of APEC meeting documents, interviews, and focus group discussions. Some interesting findings suggest that, firstly, issues development in APEC has been shaped by responses of APEC to opportunities and challenges related to economic, social, political and security conditions within APEC and the world. It is not only government agencies that are involved in issues development but other agents as well, such as the Pacific Economic Cooperation Council, the Association Southeast Asian Nations, the World Trade Organization, APEC Business Advisory Council, and APEC Study Centers Consortium. In the past and at present, the Eminent Persons Group and the Pacific Business Forum, which were set up for a specific time by APEC, continue to play vital and influential roles. Secondly, this study finds that there are four big groups involved in issues development in APEC. All issues are part of the development issues in APEC economies. Even though the issues are very broad, encompassing economic and non-economic matters, these are nonetheless focused on economic integration of APEC, with Bogor Goals being in the nucleus of issues. The development of the range of issues, which APEC has pursued to respond to challenges and opportunities in the APEC economies, is intended to support and secure economic integration. Thirdly, the Indonesian APEC Summit Agenda 2013 emphasized three specific agenda items: attaining the Bogor Goals, sustainable and inclusive growth, and connectivity. All these are inter-related issues of developments that have been discussed since the establishment of APEC.