HomeAsia-Pacific Social Science Reviewvol. 15 no. 1 (2015)

The Status of Philippine Lake Studies: Scholarly Deficit in Social Science and Small-Lake Research

Bing Baltazar C. Brillo

Discipline: Social Science



This study surveys the literature on Philippine lake studies using a representative sample from the library databases of the three leading universities in the country. The paper proceeds as follows: firstly, it categorizes the existing lake studies by scholarly orientation (natural science perspective or social science perspective) and by physical size of the particular lake under study (big lake or small lake); secondly, it charts and assesses the overall trajectory of lake studies in the country. The paper concludes that Philippine lake studies are dominated by the natural science-based studies and heavily concentrated on big-lake research. This finding illustrates the gaps in the literature, specifically: one, the need to account for all the existing lakes in the country; two, the need for more social science-based studies on lakes; and three, the need for more outputs on small-lake research. The paper closes with the call to balance scholarly deficit as the way towards meaningful progress in lake studies in the country.