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Transforming a Conventional Refrigerator into Smart Refrigerator Using Sensory Motors and Rete Algorithm

Mechelle A. Dimas | Mario Martin A. Garcia | Judelyn L. Tahas

Discipline: Computer Science



The researchers developed a Smart Refrigerator with specially designed software in its computer that ascertains what consumer goods are available and what consumer needs are lacking in the refrigerator as well as displays the information for the consumer’s convenience. Moreover, they developed a system that caters to the needs of busy people. The title of this project is Transforming a Conventional Refrigerator into Smart Refrigerator using Sensory Motors and Rete Algorithm. The Smart Refrigerator has a capability to detect products with RFID tags that enters the Refrigerator. Further, researchers employed a Sensory Motors and Rete Algorithm in the development of this project. The sensory motor uses the RFID reader and RFID tags. The RFID tags is attached to each product while RFID reader reads the data that is programmed in the RFID tags specifically in the ID number. The user can input products without RFID tags as well as using pre made values system. More so, this project also has product monitoring capability which means that the product enters the Refrigerator is evaluated and supervised. The monitoring result displays in the Computer monitor. In addition, this system determines which product has reached the expiration date and after identification of the expire product, sets off an alarm the users of the existence of an expired product inside the refrigerator. This thesis is a subgroup of AI because it uses working memory that contains data.