HomeCLOUDvol. 1 no. 1 (2013)

A Traffic Light Control system using Conventional-Dynamic and Intelligent Shifting of Algorithms

Mark Anthony S. Buenaflor | Jonie Gen T. Ponpon | Antonio Iii S. Taleon

Discipline: Computer Science



This study was all about a traffic light control system which uses conventional or fixed-time control combined with dynamic control approach and intelligent shifting of algorithms. There are many approaches in developing a traffic light control system in intersections here in Davao City, the McArthur Highway-Pangi-Aplaya intersection, Matina Crossing. Some problems cited here were, first, the traffic light control system will have a go signal even if there are no vehicles in the lane. Second, even if the lane has a lengthy queue and it is not yet time to go, the lane will still wait for its signal, thus, resulting to traffic congestion especially during peak hours of the day. Third, when there are emergency situations, the traffic light cannot adapt to the situation. This study developed traffic light control system which tried to answer the problems cited above using the experimental method of research design. This study used this research method because it can truly test hypothesis concerning cause-and-effect relationship between variables.