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Reengineering the Construction of the Knowledge Based System of the Computational Determination for the Location of a Radio Frequency Identification Tag to the Human Body: An Enhancement Study

Shwan Robbin A. Matillano | Jonathan I. Sarsuelo

Discipline: Social Science



The study is all about Radio Frequency Identification Tag (RFID). The purpose of the study was to compute and determine the location of Radio frequency Identification Tag (RFID) to the human body, and to determine if the non uniform number of experts of computer science, electronics engineering, medicine, psychology, business, and theology affect the intelligence of the Knowledge Based System (KBS), and to know what will the conflict Resolver Sub Module of the Inference Engine do in cases where in the numbers of antecedent clauses of two rules are equal, and also to know if the matched data-rule undergo simple recognize-act style or automatically transmit to acquisition stage of the cognition cycle of the intelligence of the system for acquisition perception cycle then to planning-action and back to the Working Memory for the next sensing stage. The researchers used questionnaire for the data gathering as an input to the study, and the result of the study based on the data gathered was able to answer the problems stated. The study determined that no body part location are allowed to be inserted with an RFID based on the data inputted as the result of the computational determination for the location of a radio frequency identification (RFID) tag to the human body.